Mark Slackmeyer

Mark Sheldon Slackmeyer is a character in the comic strip Doonesbury.

Mark first appeared November 19, 1970 critizing Mike for buying a militant paper stating that he was selling out. Mark appeard again on November 30 protesting the war at the office of president king. Mark refferd to himself at this time as Megaphone Mark. President King invited Mark in and asked him if he wanted to rap. Once inside Mark Made a somewhat succesfull Coup for the Presidents office ( King left himself willingly) Mark Eventully left and found out his allowance had been cut short and he was suspended.

Mark was seen again in December urging for resistance only to stop when Mike offered him a cookie. He then went home for the holidays and was forced into getting a haircut by his father. He got his haircut like his father asked then dumped the cut hair on him telling him to have a merry christmas.

In January Mark once again took Kings office for himself. While in their he brodcausted himself live asking the president to come meet his demands but was takin in by the police.

Once released by bail Mark went back to protesting and was gased by a policman.

Mark was pleased to see that Mike had started to dislike the war in Vietnam but lost hope in him soon afterwards.

Mark went with Mike to D.C to see the president and was annoyed that Mike hadnt asked him about the war

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